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Current Art Gallery Exhibition

“Imperfect Landscape”


Jeffrey Brosk

Aug16 – Sep 14, 2023


Mizuma & Kips is pleased to announce the opening of “Imperfect Landscape," a solo show from artist Jeffrey Brosk. Graduating with his Bachelor’s from the University of Pennsylvania in 1970 and a Master’s degree in architecture from MIT in 1976, Brosk has combined himself and his knowledge with the works he creates. 

The works are made of natural elements, warping and shaping woodforms in order to mold them into their own landscapes. Each piece is a representation of the artist’s experience within a specific terrain. The works are sculptural, but many are also pictorial in their composition, fitting on the wall like a painting, evoking a sentiment that one is viewing a natural, personal landscape. Brosk strives towards this psychological provocation in his wall sculptures, while the large, site-specific pieces he works on are themselves situated within the environment, establishing a physical space. Drawing most of his inspiration from the western United States, Brosk’s sculptures are meant to establish a sense of place in both the spirit and the mind.

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