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Current Art Gallery Exhibition

“New York City: How I See It”


Jin Hong Kim

Jul 7 – Jul 24, 2021

Artist Reception Wed July 7, 6-8pm

"TImes Square America"

26 x 34 in


kimjinhong_800-COIN-6  81315  TQ.jpg

Mizuma & Kips is pleased to announce the opening of “NYC: How I See It," a solo show from artist Jin Hong Kim. Kim graduated with his Bachelor’s from the College of Art School in Memphis and a Master’s at Pratt after immigrating to the United States in 1984.

Born and raised in Busan, Kim took up photography early in life, starting by photographing the small Jeju island to documenting a famous circus in the 1970s. After completing his studies in the U.S, Kim opened his own studio in New Jersey. His photographs range from cityscapes and natural studies to the documentation of human life through both portraiture and social minutiae. Since his start, society, architecture, and the world around us have changed, but Kim’s photographs capture these instances to help those moments to continue to inspire further artworks.

In this exhibition, Jin Hong Kim wanted to capture every aspect of the glowing New York City everyone pictures in association with the urban sprawl. After being roiled by the pandemic, the images Kim presents us with puts forth a recollection of life before. The artist wanted to capture both the buildings and the people, as each has its own story, history, and experience with New York City. Kim sees the architecture as an extension of life in the city and wanted a way to turn everything he sees into a series of photographs. “Through this project, the buildings made me realize that there are so many things of this city that we do not see or hear. I was able to open my eyes and ears to an even more colorful, lively, vibrant city. Even though the buildings cannot move like the people of this city, if we open our minds, we can see the stories of each building. New York City buildings are living and breathing just like us.” - Jin Hong Kim

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