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Inocent and strong, 36_x24_, Mixed Media, 2022.jpg

  "Innocent and strong", 36 x 24inches, Mixed Media, 2022

Mizuma & Kips is pleased to present  “BAMBOO OUTREACH” an exhibition by Seung Lee beginning on Wednesday, April 6 to May 1 2022.

For over 40 years, Seung Lee’s artwork deals with the manipulation of the art space, which provides the viewer with an opportunity to share in a vision of environmental and social downfall urging the viewer to reflect on their own experience and act accordingly.

Kodama-trees inhabited by spirits-dominated Seung’s subject matter for the past 15 years. Seung’s new studio on the North Fork of Eastern Long Island is shrouded with bamboo. While struggling to make art during pandemic times, Seung spent many days exercising “bamboo management”. Subsequently, an area for meditation and artwork was created. Bamboo replaced Kodama.

Bamboo reflects strength, flexibility, and health. It’s strength teaches us to stand upright in this difficult time. It’s flexibility teaches us to adapt to the hard circumstances and spring back after experiencing adversity. The combination of these virtues teaches us how to find balance and peace in our lives, thereby improving our overall health.

While preparing for a solo exhibition at the Mizuma & Kips Gallery in NYC, Russia invaded Ukraine. Seung Lee found himself struggling to make art again. Media coverage from the war ignited Seung's childhood amusement of the double meaning of the words "BO JIE" (bo jie) and “JHA JIE" (jha jie).  "BO JIE" (bo jie) can ​mean watch OR pussy.


“JHA JIE"(jha jie) can mean sleep OR cock. While being drawn to the images of the horror of war, Seung's childhood amusement of the word play was replaced with the stripped down stark commands of watch and sleep. This duality led to others which came to inhabit the bamboo: good/evil, masculine/feminine, peace/war, love/hate, up/down, and black/white.

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