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Current Art Gallery Exhibition

Eva Petrič

"Recycling Earthings"

June 1 - June 26, 2022

Opening reception June 1  6:00-8:00pm


Earthling Tattoo Seal, 2022

Mizuma & Kips Gallery presents a solo exhibition titled “Recycling Earthings” by Eva Petrič beginning on June 1 to June 26.


Eva Petrič is a transmedia artist who was first recognized for her creative use of photography, with which she explored the language of shadows and our existence on an ephemeral level. Her motivation to create spaces on different levels, defined by atmosphere, leads her to use a transmedia approach in her art. She uses wide array of methods and media as she learned early in her career as a global artist, to be open-minded in using the media most widely available at hand locally and to make her works be relatable and connectable. The result is more than 30 large site-specific installations based on assemblages of found and recycled lace, intertwined with video, sound, performance and choreographed movements, which have been exhibited in various, mostly public spaces around the world. Each media is used meticulously to create an atmosphere created by shadows and lights, transparency and evanescence to transform the existing physical space.

She lives between New York, Vienna and Ljubljana and works in photography, video, sound, performance and installation, which she weaves together on various levels. Currently two of her mini art works, her Earthing Tattoo Seal and her DBE – a Message from Earth are at the International Space Station, in the frame of the MoonGallery Foundation art collection being a part of the testing of camera lenses in the state of microgravity. In 2025, the MoonGallery collection is planned to be sent to the Moon and to remain there to channel the ideas of humanity into space. Eva Petrič’s art has been exhibited at 75 solo and 120 group exhibitions all over the world.


We look forward to welcoming you at our gallery space during the show.

For more information, please visit at:

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