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Current Art Gallery Exhibition

"Once In a Blue Moon"

Danielle Frankenthal

Nov 12 - Dec 6, 2020

Danielle Frankenthol.jpeg

"Once In a Blue Moon" Triptych, 3 panels 40x36" each, 2019, acrylic on resin

Light, color, lines, space, and the way we interact with them are concepts manifested in each 3-dimensional structure Danielle Frankethal creates. Painting directly on sheets of Acrylite® resin, she is able to work in layers that overlap one another to create paintings that by interacting with light, interact back with the viewer. 

Danielle Frankenthal grew up in both the U.S. and Guatemala, exhibiting her first solo show in 1984. She studied the arts of Japan, China, and India, and is heavily influenced by Japanese printmakers and calligraphers as well as being an admirer of Korean ceramics.

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