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Current Art Gallery Exhibition

"Waiting for Equilibrium

Sung Ho Choi

Dec 9, 2020  - Jan. 10, 2021

Sung Ho Choi’s art contains a certain air of positivity to each piece. His work focuses on the intersection of cultures and traditions, addressing the critical issues we face in society. He likens the patterns formed by these cultural phenomena to the physics of energy and natural cycles. Being a bi-cultural artist himself, Sung Ho Choi feels a connection to the contentions he brings forth. His goal is to truly understand and define “universal” terms. The content of the works are always serious but have some wit to them. 

Born in Seoul in 1954, Sung Ho Choi received his BFA from Hong IK University, before immigrating to the US in 1981. He received his MFA from Pratt in 1984. Since emigrating, he has lived in both New York and New Jersey, exhibiting in galleries, museums, and creating both temporary and permanent public art projects. Ever the cultural activist, he has participated and organized a multitude of events and exhibitions showcasing Asian American and minority artist groups.

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