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Current Art Gallery Exhibition

KIM 25

"Boundary of Uncertainty"
Dec.8 - Jan.2, 2021-22
Opening Reception: Wednesday 6 – 8 PM, Dec. 8, 2021

Mizuma & Kips is pleased to announce the opening of  “Boundary of Uncertainty” a solo exhibition by the artist KIM 25 beginning on Saturday, Dec. 8, 2021.


Kim 25 was born in Korea. After graduating from the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Honglk University Seoul Korea in 1991, she has participated in numerous group exhibitions both in Korea and overseas, and has held solo exhibitions, energetically repeating the production and presentation of her works.

In recent years, in addition to producing her own works.


Art critic Kim Heo-Kyug mentioned about her recent works, Kim 25’s poetic imagination that manifests itself on her canvas not only gives a new sense of aesthetics through which viewers can communicate with the newly expressed reality, but also facilitates the invitation to various interpretative participations.

In 2021, the artist Kim 25 delivers poetry through painting by locating the boundary of undecidability that lies at the correspondence between inside and out.”

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