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Current Art Gallery Exhibition


"With Gratitude"
Oct.6 - Nov.7, 2021
Artist Reception Wed Oct 6, 2021 6-8pm
奥田雄太_2021_Trimmed Bouquet(Sky Blue x Red).jpg

Mizuma & Kips is pleased to announced OKUDA Yuta”s first solo exhibition in America, titled “With Gratitude” taking place from Oct 6 to Nov 7.


After studying fashion design in Japan and England, he began working as a designer for the fashion brand TAKEO KIKUCHI. In 2016, OKUDA Yuta became an artist, and since then has been actively participation in solo and group exhibition in Japan, building his career with continuous production and presentation.


For a time, he used to express with fine detail consisting of meticulously calculated lines, but for the past few years has switched to focus on presenting works of “flowers” which put emphasis on “serendipity”. The flowers expressed in various colors have a strong pop image, but each individual petal is delicately drawn. He himself says it doesn’t have to looks like a flower, and the flowers certainly do not appear to have concrete realism to them.


The motifs are said to be based on the memories of childhood that he arrived at as he was “salvaging himself”. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, he realized that the things he had taken for granted were extraordinary events all along, and from the he began to draw works of flowers in the theme of “With Gratitude”.

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