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Aleksandar Popovic

Artist Statement

These paintings are dealing with the general recognition that some irrevocable events in the future may change the face of the planet, leading to conclusions about the ways in which we populate physical and geographical spaces.  While chronicling the evidence of human interferences within our surroundings, a vision of future settlements begins to emerge.
Pod Dwellings
One possible projection of life in not too distant future may push the inhabitants of the Earth to be constantly on the move in search of livable spaces. Pod dwellings, as small movable structures, are the response to the impact of overbuilding and altering landscape.
In this series of paintings I am interested in exposing the fragile and temporary nature of land surrounded by the masses of rising water.  Islands as remnants of the land and islands in the process of dissolution  serve as a metaphor for what will be left.

Suspended Land
In this glimpse into the future, land formations are being extracted or capped in protective bubbles. The narrative is abandoned in favor of contemplation about cosequences of human interactions with the environment.
In glacier tapestries, an image within an image, simultaneously flattens and expands the space.  Satellite images are juxtaposed with on-ground view of erosions.  Hardly visible, human dwellings are surrounded and threatened by disquieting force of  steady glacier movement.  

During various periods in my work, I had continued interest in figure and explored how it interacts with the space around it.  As I was considering how the distance, scale and the viewing angle affect our perceptions of a place, I realized that the figure became more of an observer rather than a participant in these settings.  An aerial view alludes to perspective of surveillance while demarcation of zoning boundaries imply territorial isolation.    

In this recent series of paintings I was drawn to the photos documenting early space exploration.  I was interested in further examining how figure relates to the spatial confinement, juxtaposed with an open view of unidentified space.  

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pod dwellings 5.png
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