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Current Art Gallery Exhibition

Momo Kim

"Take me to your garden"

Nov. 26  - Dec. 9, 2022

"Bloom", 2022,

Mixed media on canvas

1168 x 910 mm (46 x 35.6 inch)



Mizuma & Kips Gallery presents MoMo Kim's solo exhibition Take me to your garden from November 26 to December 9. Kim’s first solo exhibition in New York since her graduation from SVA in 2016, the exhibition introduces her representative series TULIPS. With flexible lines and a warm color palette unique to MoMo Kim, the 20 new works inhabit their respective environments, vibrant with life, asking questions and praying for the well-being of people’s daily lives. Being exhibited first time ever are the two colossal three-meter-wide paintings that cover an entire wall with vibrant tulips welcoming visitors into their garden. Emerging from the background of Night Tulip Garden, the “moon” and the “bird” symbolize the undefiable fate like a course of nature, and at the same time, the hopes and aspirations for the future.

The life of a tulip is like a poem, a metaphor for art. The vibrant colors of the petals serve as a survival strategy, evolved to attract humans and reproduce widely. Tulips, in such a way, reveal the human desire for beauty. Surviving through stimulating humans’ aesthetic curiosity, the tulips are also in conjunction with the development of art. So, I reinterpreted the life of a tulip and created my own mutilated tulips. My tulips are created by emphasizing or altering the features that appeal to people, and at the same time, are instinctively desired by people. They possess the floral language of “meaning of life” and “peace in their daily lives” that convey to the viewer.

— MoMo Kim

About the Artist

Born in 1992, MoMo Kim graduated from Academy of Art University with an MFA in Illustration after receiving her BFA in Illustration from School of Visual Arts, New York. Recent major solo exhibitions include HOME SWEET HOME at Superior Gallery, Seoul (2022); HOME SWEET HOME at SVA Gallery, Seoul (2022); How are you at 4 o’clock? at 7 miles Gallery, Seoul (2020); Your Gift at Scalatium Gallery, Seoul (2015). Since her participation in K-ARTS at K/REAT in 2013, Seoul, her works have been presented in numerous group exhibitions at art institutions including Seoul Auction, Seoul (2022); Eugene Gallery, Seoul (2021); Gana Art, Busan (2021); Gallery HZ, Hong Kong (2020); Ujung Art Center, Seoul (2019); Korean Cultural Center, New York (2014).

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