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Jean-Marie Haessle


Haessle was born in Alsace France and discovered art on a hospital bed at age 18. At the time he worked as a mechanic in the Salt Mines. In 1960 he was drafted in the army where he spent three years. On his return he moved to Paris in 1964. He emigrated to NYC 1967. Successively living on west 85th St, the Village to 1974, and moved to Spring street in Soho where he still lives and works today.  On his art, the art critique Judd Tully noted: … "His work has leapt beyond its Abstract expressionism roots to embrace a fiery expressionism… a loosely wrought scaffolding supports the work; a kind of shimmering structure pulsates with the blaring cacophony of urban life. The artist’s arsenal of painterly marks and shapes provide a satisfying elixir to the viewers hungry for new vistas" Through the years, Haessle met other artists, Bernar Venet, Arman, Dorothea Tanning, Louis Bourgeois, the yet unknown Basquiat. Haessle is represented by Mizuma & Kips gallery in NYC, Wada Garou in Tokyo, Keumsan gallery in Seoul.

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